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filter mod to the TransSystem 3733


I've been following the messages about modifications to the
3733, and after cutting the stub and observing the much
improved performance (but higher noise floor), I'm ready to
take "the next step".

I now have a couple of Toko 2450 dielectric filters and 1/4"
copper tape from Digi-Key, and some MMIC boards should be
shipped from DEM today.

When I begin to dissect my 3733, what should I do to the
existing filters? Obviously, I'll start by removing the
tops. When I get inside, how difficult is it to desolder the
rest of the filter components?

I looked at the picture on your web site, and it looks like
you cut one edge off the MMIC board and overlayed it on the
input filter so as to bypass the signal across it?

On the second filter, I guess you did the same thing but
used the remaining MMIC board area to mount your filter. The
Toko has two tabs on one side and three on the other. I
can't tell which is input and which is output -- does it
matter? Their documentation doesn't really indicate an input
and output.

It also looks like you used larger than 1/4" copper tape to
mount the MMIC board stock (or maybe the picture dimensions
are misleading). I guess I can overlap the tape I have so it
covers to the groundplane on the 3733 main board.

Any other hints/warnings you could pass along would be
greatly appreciated.

Tnx and 73,
Art N3OY
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