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Re: how to convert ALAT/ALON (was Re: Squint)

Thank you! The globe analogy made everything instantly clear (no pun)! So I
that one can either add or subtract 180 degrees to the posted ALON, whichever
keep it within the proper range of 0-359.
Vince Risalvato
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Subject: how to convert ALAT/ALON (was Re: [amsat-bb] Squint)

> At 09:43 AM 5/14/2001, Clifford Buttschardt wrote:
> >The problem remains-- should we add 180 degrees to this figure and change
> >the signal of ALAT for Instantrack?  Still not clear on this.
> Yes.  Change the sign of ALAT, and add 180 degrees to ALON.
> To see this, take a globe (a model of the earth, with latitude and
> longitude printed on it), and look at what happens when you go from one
> point on the globe to the point exactly opposite.  You change the sign of
> latitude, and add 180 degrees to longitude.  On AO40, the published ALAT &
> ALON refer to the orientation of the motor, but the antennas (what you're
> likely interested in) are on the opposite side.

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