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Re: Myers' BBQ Grill

> Further to my query regarding the short circuit at the connector.  I have
> opened up the housing and discovered the reason for the short.   There is a
> quarter wave stub at the centre of the dipole.   The centre of the coax is
> soldered to one side of the dipole and the braid at the shorted end of the
> stub.  Quite obviously this is a matching technique and the antenna should
> be fine at RF.

"Fine", of course, is a relative term.  The stub was undoubtedly designed
for around 2.6 ghz.  Can anybody calculate how much is lost when it is
run at 2.4 ghz?  I am wondering if this is a factor in why I'm having 
such poor reception with my Lance BBQ grill and feed.  At DC it measures
about 1 ohm, so the construction might be similar to yours.

My guess is that it probably isn't enough to notice, but I want to look
at everything.


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