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Re: Mode L uplink Question

Mike and Jerry

Thanks for your comments,   You saved me from the frustration of making
major changes in the set up here.  Along with antenna and converter
improvements that could be made, I have a major tree problem which severely
restricts my radio horizon during the most usable part of the orbit..came
close to removing a swath of 50 footers.   Having received a few bad blocks
a couple of days after the S beacon was turned on and hearing a few signals
on the transponder most passes are quiet for me.   I believe I'll work on an
my L band uplink for a while and see what happens after the bird is

George, W2CID

> > My feeling is that when AO-40 is finally oriented
> > towards us with minimal squint, my 600 w erp linear
> > uplink will be more than adequate. Don't forget
> > that the S downlink will also be stronger as well
> > when squint is low. I don't plan to change a thing at
> > this time.
> Mike,
> I concur, especially the part about not changing a thing.  I know lots of
people are frustrated at being unable to hear the bird or to hear it well.
This weekend's pass over N.A. was very educational for a lot of us.  I noted
I could copy the beacon better at 62,000 km (S5 with S1 noise level) with
good squint than I could at 30,000 km (S2 with S0 noise level) with poor
squint.  I still have not figured out the pattern to the background noise at
2.4 GHz.  The clue to me I needed just a little more receive gain was when
trying to find my downlink by pinging the bird, I kept setting off LEILA
(about 250 W ERP): I guess that's why they call me an amateur :-)
> My receive setup is really quite marginal, being built to test out my
S-band receive and not necessarily for long-term AO-40 use.  Having the
setup a year in advance and playing around with UO-11's downlink and the few
months of S-band telemetry helped a lot getting prepared for the
short-notice "experiment."  My 16-turn helix is small and far from optimum
in design (it was just easy to build and used convenient materials I had on
hand).  It served it's primary purpose--to prove out my receive setup.  I am
designing and building a new, larger helix, but am not too concerned yet as
the final orbit and orientation of the satellite will probably make more
difference than any modest antenna improvements I might make to my station.
I suspect (and hope) patience will be rewarded in regards to AO-40.
> 73,
> Jerry, K5OE
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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