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Re: I'll have to remember to never ask a question here.

Johnny Miller wrote:

> I'll have to remember to never ask a question here.

Work is still ongoing to establish which of the spacecraft systems are 
operational after the December incident. We know, for example, that L 
band and U band work up, and both S bands work down.

Beyond that other things, like X-band and U-band (435) down have *not* 
worked so far. X-band looks awfully dead, and U-band not quite so dead. 
But still we may eventually see either or both of them working. We may 
not. We're not sure when.

Now that I've answered the original question, I should say that I think 
people's willingness to craft a personalized answer to a question has a 
lot to do with the tone of its asking.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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