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Re: AO-40 This morning no copy?

Both of the S band beacons and Rudak were very very loud over the easter US
this morning. I starter copying the telemetry behind my neighbors house at
S1. As soon as the satellite got to an elevation of over 15 degrees,
clearing all the obstables, the signal strength was S9 to S9+10. Even on a
23 turn Helix the signals were over S7. At the begining of the pass there
were so many stations that the passband almost sounded like 20 meters.
I worked 6 contacts in 6 countries 4X1,DB2,ON6,OE1,IN3,PE5 at that point I
proceeded to key 20 watts into the downconverter. I could still hear the
beacon S1 after blowing up the mixer and IF amplifier.

I am not using anything exotic at this end. I am just using a 1dB NF
homebrew converter with 30 dB of gain. If you are not hearing the beacon at
all you have serious problems. It should be coming in with at least an S5
signal with even a modest antenna. I just want everyone who is copying the
beacon marginally to understand what they should be hearing . If you are not
hearing anything, fell free to contact me on a direct email and I'll try to
help you troubleshoot your setup. It is very important to be able to receive
the passband as good as possible so that you uplink can be copied. I have
heard many stations that cannot hear themselves and are hitting the
satellite extremely hard to overcome that. This is not the way of doing it
because you will overload the satellite and you will still hear yourself


Pieter N4IP

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