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Re: SETI@HOME Status

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> > i.e, someone who has accumulated say 100,000 units but doesn't use
> > the SETI@Home client anymore would jump to the head of the AMSAT
> > group, 
>   If you're wondering about me, that is indeed true.  
> I calculated the vast majority of my seti units over
> a year ago, then took the machines offline when I read
> that seti had more compute cycles than they had data for and
> were re-issuing duplicate work units to clients.  

I did something similar (not quite as many units), and started to clock up
some cycles on the Distributed.NET stuff, but decided to put the systems back
online with the SETI stuff when the group was announced.

> > The re-ordered table might make for interesting reading...

I saved the group list last night and again later on this morning and just
worked out the differences between the two over about 12 hours and the
reordered top 10 looks like :-)

 1 G1YYH                        3086         3167      81
 2 Tom KK4XZ                    7923         7980      57
 3 N8MH                         7027         7057      30
 4 WB5TUF                       1369         1397      28
 5 Art Jeyes                    6165         6192      27
 6 WB1BQE                      25344        25365      21
 7 W3IWI                         859          880      21
 8 W2GPS                         455          471      16
 9 Bob N4HY                     8527         8542      15
10 KA1LM                           6           19      13

The systems I use vary from P100's to a couple of dual 800 Meg boxes, most of
which are running Linux of one flavour or another.  The majority of them are
part of our proxy/cache service and so as not to interfere with that they
only run SETI@Home evenings/weekends..

I have set the boxes up to cycle through several units which helps to keep the 
boxes running if the SETI@Home data server goes down (like it did a couple of 
weeks ago)


p.s: We have several large SGI Origin 2000 and 3000 systems along with the
816 Processor Cray T3E, and various other BeoWulf systems, but I don't 
have access to any of them ... :-(
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