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Re: SETI@HOME Status

John  <john@voyager.mcc.ac.uk> commented

> I was wondering whether the data is available giving just the number
> of units that a client has finished whilst being a member of a
> particular group rather than showing all the units of the member. -
> i.e, someone who has accumulated say 100,000 units but doesn't use
> the SETI@Home client anymore would jump to the head of the AMSAT
> group, whereas a member whose system had crunched 2000 units whilst
> being a member (using a Cray T3E 816 processor like we have at work -
> :-) ) would get pushed way down the list.....
> The re-ordered table might make for interesting reading...

John -- as the "poobah" of the group, let me comment. First, we have no
control over the SETI@home "rules". As I read them, they only credit the
units unique to the group, but they seem to list the user's lifetime totals.

But I note that this weekend, AMSAT seems to have been credited with the
full 100,000+ units (instead of the ~50,000 units that showed last week).
This change pushed us from a ranking around 200th in the club lists to
position 99.

If, instead of being listed as a club, we can retain all 100,000 units and
were to be listed in a different category, our placement would be much
  - Position 5 in small business
  - Position 11 in medium business
  - Position 46 in large business, between GE and LockMart (your favorite
one-stop defense
  - Position 1 in worldwide Primary Schools
  - Position 2 in Secondary Schools
  - Position 42 in Universities, after Cambridge, CU and Clemson and before
Penn State,
     MIT and Case Western
  - Position 2 in Junior Colleges
  - Position 8 in Gov't Agencies, just behind NASA
And we are nearing the top 200 amongst all groups.

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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