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AO-40: X-band

Dear All,

Stacey W4SM and Michael OH2AUE tested the X-band transmitters
(solid state and TWT) this morning (2001-05-13) between
04:11 utc and and 06:00 UTC.

Unfortunately the test was not successful.

The IHU-1 telemetry indicates the proper commands, but indications 
are that no power is getting to any of the X-band modules.  Nothing
happened...  In fact, even the status of the temperature sensors
in the X-band modules did not change. These sensor are not thermistors
like the rest and need power supply to give valid readings.
The values did not changed when the module was commanded on,
thus there is no electrical power within the module.

The problem must be either in the 28V-S supply or in the module
power control line from the IHU. Such a problem was never observed
during all the testing in Orlando and Kourou. A software problem
is very unlikely.

However, it is planned to investigate this further in the next 
few days and another attempt will be made soon.

73s Peter DB2OS
for the AO-40 team

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