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Re: Looking for dish information


Sorry to confuse.  I read your 1.2G but brain said 2.4G, so my comments
were about 2.4G requirements {oops}.  For 1.2G antenna, a dish would be
pretty large for your situation, so a helix or yagi is more reasonable.  

I am going to use a loop-yagi for my 1.2G uplink [45-element, 20 dBi gain,
12-foot boom] and it is probably larger than needed [I am waiting for the
new DEM 144/1268 15w Tx converter].  I bought the loop-yagi with local use
in mind, as well.  

A helix is fairly reasonable for size vs. gain and can be made from tubing
or electrical wire so may be easier for you to get in Korea.  Mode-LS is
certainly the apartment dwellers mode, I would think.  Be looking for you
on the bird.


>Thanks for the reply.  The books that I refer to is for 1.2GHz, Mode L.  No
>one say much about less than 1 meter dish for this frequency.  Ed Krome sent
>a nice note, stating that dishes should be at least 10 wave lengths in size.
>Being able to mount antennas only on my apartment balcony here in Korea,
>dishes larger than 1 meter are out of the question, and so are long yagis.
>Bob McElligott  HL2/KK4UZ
>Seoul, Korea
>-----Original Message-----

>Regarding Bob's comment on 1 meter dishes, what books are you reading?
>Amsat's official AO-40 info normally specifies a 60 cm dish [2-foot], and
>that may end up working out to be a good size.  More observation of the
>"bird' is needed.

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