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SSB UEK-3000 vs. DEM 2400 - 144RX ???

I have a couple of questions regarding the SSB UEK -300 and the DEM
2400-144RX S-band downconverters.  I have read about both them via the
internet. I have asked a few locals about them and sort of have my mind made
up.   "BUT" as in typical ham fashion I am seeking more opinions so I can be
confused further before I go to Dayton to make my purchase.Hi. Appears the
SSB has a NF of .07 with 30dB of gain.  The DEM has a NF of 1.0 and 20dB of
gain.  Of course there is a substantial price difference (At least in my
opinion). I know the SSB works well and many have commented on it. A friend
of mine has one in use local and loves it. My question is what do others
think of the DEM 2400-144RX?  Has anyone tested it? Do they have it in use?
I assume it should work find based on what I have heard and read as is if
mounted at the antenna.  But would REALLY like some first hand knowledge of
it or at least a comparison if possible.  Thanks ahead of time! 73..

Rick Tilton
Foothills of NC APRS and Satellite Website

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