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SWL Report on AO-40

Heard ZS6BTE, Ian in QSO with WA1ECF Stan in Mass...both very
strong signals into Charlotte, NC at 04:00Z.  KB8VAO, Steve had
5x5 SSB signal here.

Also heard Ian on CW with good 559 sigs.  Think he also worked ZS6JT on
SSB.  ZS6JT also vy good sigs on CW. Also heard VE3NPC at 05:20Z
with 5x5 phone signal.

Many, many more...using Drake 2280 with min mods into a Hamtronics
CA145-28 downconverter into ICOM 756 PRO...Man, the PRO lets me
see all the pips up and down the screen +- 50kH.  Heard the Leli-1
siren going off several  times.

I really wish ICOM would make a Satellite radio with the scope feature on
it.  You can look at the beacon and see all the other signals up and down
the band and make comparisons of signal strength.

Real deep QSB here at 05:35Z.  Beacon as high as S-7 with a noise floor
just under 2 units.  See lots of CW signals popping up now also...I really
hate to go to bed.  Looks like everyone is having great fun with the new
birds...thanks to all the folks who had a hand in giving it to us.

73 de Bill, N4DH

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