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Re: AO-40 Reception

Message text written by "Frederick M. Spinner"
Has anyone else out there used a Drake with an outboard preamp--
I did all the mods that don't require spending $$$ on the Drake
so far (not the MGA MMIC, Toko Filter)-- which supposedly puts the thing in

the 6dB ballpark (I'll find out at Dayton I suppose).. I have an old DEM 
2400 MHz (LUA) preamp, measured at CSVHF 2000 to have 11.8 dB gain, and a 
0.82 dB NF.<
        Yup, one of the 3 dishes up on the pole here has a small
truncated-parabola dish (Lance; much too wide wire spacing) with a homebrew
WB5LUA-type (ATF10135 GaAsFET) preamp outboard; .8db NF, 11 db gain in
front of a Drake modified only for 70cm IF and it works like a charm. About
the same as the TranSystem next to it which has a larger dish. The noise
figure is the key. Once you get the noise figure, then add gain until the
hash starts to get in the way. 
        Show Bdale the pic of my antennas! He'll like that.


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