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Re: Looking for dish information

>From: Jim Walls <k6ccc@earthlink.net>
>Bob McElligott wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a good source for parabolic dishes (raw) for use with
>> Mode S.  What is the smallest dish size that will achieve good result on
>> Mode L?  Most books I read rarely mention nothing under 1 meter.
>    The third one (and I'm going to be VERY explicit about this - DO NOT DO
>THIS WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!!) is that it's not at all uncommon for commercial
>radio system (2 way land mobile) and microwave systems to be retired and have
>the equipment removed, but the antennas abandoned.  

Jim has indicated a good source of surplus antennas.  You may even get them
after they have been removed by the companies, too.  Thursday I picked up
two Andrews 6-foot dishes with radomes from the base of the gas company's
tower [with the help of Mike, WL7BQM, and his pickup truck].

In my case the company comm engineer is John, KL7CY, who contacted me that
they were being scrapped and knew of my interest in microwave gear.  Make
freinds with the local utilities [and their ham employees] for getting
"good" "hand-me-downs"!  The cost of those dishes...one Burger King meal
;-)  Thanks Mike, John!

Regarding Bob's comment on 1 meter dishes, what books are you reading?
Amsat's official AO-40 info normally specifies a 60 cm dish [2-foot], and
that may end up working out to be a good size.  More observation of the
"bird' is needed.

Satellite Article writers, start your typewriters [err
wordprocessors]...now is the time to start cranking out info on getting on
AO-40, I think!  I expect we'll start seeing articles this summer in QST,
CQ, 73, QEX, and of course the Amsat Journal [you do belong, don't you?].

73, Ed
Amsat #3212, Alaska Field Ops
PS;  Now to get on that roof and get those antennas up!

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