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AO-40 QRV report on orbit#242 from Japan.

Hello Tjis is Yoshi.

  Sorry for delayed report. This is the report of AO-40 QRV on orbit#242
during 11:46 May-10th - 03:05z May-11th.2001.

1. Equipments

      S-Down : MAKI 29ele LOOP YAGI + LNA + 2way splitter
               FT-817 for Telemetry receiving.
               IC-821 for communication.
      U-Up   : IC-821 (5-20W) with 25deg. fixed elv. 6ele YAGI.

    This time, I tried to split IF signal from 2880 for 2 way by using
  splitter unit of BS/CS sat.

2. QRV Documents

 UTC__ MA_ Dist(km) Events__________
 11:46   44 43,570  Started S2-MB receiving. S 1-2. AO40RCV could not
                    trigger the sync bite.
 14:00   74 54,460  Still weak. All blocks are CRCC bad. QRT for sleep.
                    (23:00 local time).
 - - -
 19:56  154 58,000  QRV again. Strong S2-MB!. Telemetry data says that
                    there is S1-Tx. I found S1-MB on 2401.346MHz. Thst
                    is as same strong as S2-MB but less QSB than S2.
 20:01  155 57,860  Changed FT-817 dreq to S1-MB.
 20:04  156 57,770  Loop test on 2401.400MHz. RST 519. U-AGC indicated
                    as 2-4dB. It is clear enough.
 20:06  157 57,700  Started VVV on 2401.400MHz, then called from Ian ZLAOX.
                    I changed to SSB and contacted with him by His53-My54.
 20:10  158 57,570  Ian called me by his special callsign ZL75. Thanks
                    Ian! Is that a anniversary of NZART?
 20:18  159 57,290  Loop by 10W CW -ok. 5W CW -good!
 20:19  160 57,260  Worked with JA4BLC by 529-559
 20:26  161 57,030  CHecked both S1-MB and S2-MB by switching. Not so
                    different but S1 is less QSB than S2.
 20:28  162 56,960  FM modulated signal on 2401.376! illegal truck driver
                    sent his voice so far place... sigh... :-<
 20:29  162 56,900  Found like a PSK31 signal on 2401.401. My PC is busy
                    for decoding telemetry sdo I could not decode it.
 20:35  163 56,700  Started SSB CQ on 2401.390 ... no contact.
 20:48  166 56,170  Checked the signal of RUDAK. Found GMSK signal on
                    2400.785, pure callier on 2400.817/874. All of them
                    were about S-2 unit weak than S1-MB.
 20:51  167 56,050  Heavy noise! Car ignittion? or from Microwave oven?
 20:52  167 56,010  Found a pure callier on 2401.346 and it had there for
                    a long time. Was that the band-edge marker that the sat
                    or somebody sending?
 20:53  167 55,940  Too much strong voice on 2401.348. Same level as S2-MB.
                    I could not understand what are they speaking - not
 20:54  167 55,910  Started SSB CQ on 2401.390 ... no contact.
 21:06  170 55,390  Found a bleaf voice of JA1FS. He was 55 strong enough.
 21:09  171 55,240  Worked with JH1UGF Mr.Makioka on 2401.351 by 53-52.
                    He is the owner of MAKI-Electrnics Corp (The Maker of
                    my 29ele LOOP YAGI Hi!). He was uplinking on L band.
 21:14  172 55,000  Then called from JH0TOG but could not QSO.
 21:21  174 54,660  Found Ian ZL1AOX's SSB CQ on 2401.350. ZL is at the 
                    east edge of footprint. Maybe soon LOS there. I heard
                    QSO between ZL1AOX-JH0TOG.
 21:26  175 54,400  Called Ian ZL1AOX Ian and say thanks again.
 21:30  176 54,210  QRT and checked todays schedule (06:30 local). The
                    meeting had cancelled (Lucky!!) so I got a day off
 22:10  185 51,840  QRV again. Heard VK6AK? SSB signal but could not copy well.
 22:14  186 51,570  Heard SSB QSO between JA0BBW-JA4GVA on 2401.360. JA0BBW
                    said he is using 120cm! U-AGC is around 10dB.
 22:18  186 51,350  Heard too much strong (same as S2-MB level)  voice
                    QSO on 2401.346. I heard "uno...due..chinquo.."
                    is that Italian number? Were they Italian station?
 22:24  188 50,910  They went somewhere.
 22:26  188 50,830  Started CW CQ on 2401.370. 539 by 20W.
 22:35  190 50,130  Called from Rino I7LIT and workd by 539-569. His signal
                    was little bit weak than mine. It was my 1st Europe
 22:49  193 49,090  Got QRM so QSY to 2401.375, then got FM QRM so QSY
                    to 2401.390 again.
 22:54  194 48,680  Heard SSb CQ from DC?B? but could not copy.
 22:58  195 48,380  Started CW CQ on 2401.394.
 23:03  197 47,930  Sat sunked behind the structure and lost S2 signal.
 - - - -
 01:41  232 27,900  Moved antenna to the tellace with cabling 20m coax
                    from my shuck. Started receiving again. S2-MB was still
                    strong enough but S1-Mb was weak.
 01:53  235 25,650  Heard JA5F? voice talking with somebody. Then I tried
                    to call him but my loop signal was too weak.
 01:58  236 24,750  Started CW CQ on 2401.380 (20W) . Most of Telemetry
                    data were CRCC NG so I could not check the IF matrix.
                    The transponder will be soon off.
 02:12  239 21,700  Called from JR4BRS by SSB and worked with him on closs-
                    mode by 42-559. Then I lost the downlink at 02:14:30.
                    It might be the off time.
 02:22  242 19,000  S2-MB became weak and AO40RCV could not chase it.
 - - - -

3. U-AGC summery

  Here is the chart image of U-AGC data during the Xpond-on time on


4. Misc.

  This is a photo image of my receiving antenna that I moved this morning
to the terrace with long cabling.

  The 2-way splitter is working well!. I can hear both beacon and
communication signals at same condition!. 

  Thank for reading.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
mailto:jf6bcc@jarl.com or jf6bcc@jamsat.or.jp
<http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/> Sorry, Japanese only now.
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