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AO-40 QRV report on orbit#243 from Japan.

Hello Tjis is Yoshi.

  Sorry for delayed report. This is the report of AO-40 QRV on orbit#243
during 13:20z - 21:44z of May-11th. 2001.

1. Equipments

      S-Down : MAKI 29ele LOOP YAGI + LNA + 2way splitter
               FT-817 for Telemetry receiving.
               IC-821 for communication.
      U-Up   : IC-821 (5-20W) with 25deg. fixed elv. 6ele YAGI.
               And from 14:48z I used a temploary 11ele YAGI.

    * 435MHz 11-ele templary YAGI.
      Design data is available at here.

2. QRV Documents

 UTC__ MA_ Dist(km) Events__________
 13:20 134 64,460  Started receiving. Good strong S2-MB. Got some CRCC OK
 13:32 137 64,150  Couldnot find the time of Xpond-on due to the CRCC NG
                   datas. Tried to loop on 2401.480 with 20W CW and got
                   539-559, good!. But I could not hear my SSB voice well.
 13:35 137 64,060  Heard voice QSO between W0OQJ-JH1GYE on 2401.356, KK3K
                   - VK4KZR on 2401.366. U-AGC indicated about 3-7dB.
 13:36 138 64,040  CQ on 2401.377 by SSB 20W. My 51-53 not so bad.
 13:43 139 63,810  Checked S1-MB. It was stronger than S2-MB so I tuned
                   FT-817 to S1-MB. Then I found there was no connection
                   indication between MB and S2 at the IF matrix tab of
                   AO40RCV. Why I can hear S2-MB now? HiHi.
 13:52 141 63,510  No contact so stop CQ.... Maybe most of hams on NA are
                   working, it was friday morning at there. :-)
 13:53 141 63,480  Heard JH1AOY? on 2401.359.
 13:55 142 63,410  Found SSB QSO between N4IP-VE3VC on 2401.347. After their
                   sending final, I tried to call VE3VC but not returned.
 14:01 143 63,200  Found SSB QSO between WD4FAB and JH1GYE on 2401.355. I
                   was stand-by and then called WD4FAb but lost with JH1NPQ.
                   After his QSO tried again...no return.. x-<
 14:18 147 62,540  Started SSB CQ on 2401.413 til 14:28. No cintact.
  (14:30-14:45)    (Tried to modify my portable 435MHz 8-ele YAGI to extend
                    boom and element to 11-ele. Then I set it up at my
                    tempolary antenna base)
 14:48 154 61,180  Found SSTV signal on 2401.378, then voice of JH2ESW. Is
                   this the first SSTV signal through AO-40? :-) I could not
                   demodulate it because my PC is occupied by AO40RCV...
 14:56 156 60,770  Called JH2ESW and talked with him by His53-My53. He said
                   that there is a way to use a sound card from 2 different
                   softwares. Is it possible to use both AO40RCV and SSTV
                   soft with L/R input of single soundcard? I will try.
                   During this talking, somebody started CQ just on our
                   frequency.  x-<  His signal strength was just same as
                   ours so why he could not hear our signals? Or did he
                   start CQ without hearing his own voice? I can not
                   understand his doing....
 15:04 158 60,360  Started SSB CQ on 2401.358.
 15:07 158 60,210  There was a station started CQ at +2KHz  :-< so I QSY
                   down 1KHz to 2401.357.
 15:15 160 59,770  Called and worked with Nagasawa JH1PEF by 41-56. Nagasawa
                   was uplinking from L band with 45-ele YAGI, and hearing
                   S2 downlink with 1.4m Dish! His signal was a little bit
                   weaker than mine but he could hear my signal by 56.....
                   How good the big dish is! Finaled at 15:20.
 15:25 162 59,210  Checked both S1-MB and S2-MB. S2-MB was stronger so I
                   tuned FT-817 to S2-MB. I adjust my antenna at the direction
                   of 1 hour later and went to sleep (0:25 local).
 - - - -
 20:25 230 26,780  Waked up and started receiving again. AO40RCV had unrocke
                   and the result indicated 834/1041 (80%). Wow! it is the
                   best rate of CRCC OK mine. What a good the S2-MB condition
                   tonight was!
                   I adjusted the direction of antenna. S1-MB was so weak.
                   And S2-MB had heave QSB. I could not copy telemtry well.
 20:34 232 25,250  Loop by 11-el YAGI but return was weak.
 20:35 232 25,090  Started CW CQ on 2401.370. My signal was 419. Heavy QSB.
 20:38 233 24,430  Called J?1? but hard to copy. I asked many times to repeat
                   and finally got his call JR1ASH. worked by 419-539 at
 20:46 235 22,930  Stopped CQ.
 20:48 235 22,580  Checked and found S1-MB on 2400.385. So weak.
 21:07 240 18,530  It might be the time of Xpond-off but could not confirm
 21:44 248 18.900  Lost S2-MB.
 - - - -

  Finally I got only 384 CRCC OK blocks of total 1247 (33%).

3. U-AGC summery

  Here is the chart image of U-AGC data during the Xpond-on time on


4. Misc.

  I heard so many tuning signals at around S2-MB or just on the somebody's
QSO freq. They are just playing? I can not understand their mind. 

  Thanks for reading.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
mailto:jf6bcc@jarl.com or jf6bcc@jamsat.or.jp
<http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/> Sorry, Japanese only now.
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