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Re: comments made on AO-27

From: "jeff w griffin" <kb2wqm@juno.com>
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2001 4:31 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] comments made on AO-27

>Jeff wrote...  (sniped as appropriate... still in contex)
> I was monitoring the 14 :10z pass of AO-27 this AM ...
>'here we go, the same 4 jerks hogging the satellite, no call sign'
>I run into non-hams that say that they have
> the satellite frequencies programmed in their scanners,

Good for them!  Perhaps the can be recruited!

>Ham's doing demo's at hamfests, etc.

I have a BIG problem with this.....
In the Spirit of HAM radio and AMSAT  I spent about 3-4 grand and built
a trailer that I can take to a HAMFEST and get fellow HAM's excited!!!
There is a huge black hole concerning "fogie" hams that play HF-CW-CQ
and those that found and love the "birds".  Lets see... a DEMO of SAT
contacts at a huge festival that draws a few thousand people?  Perhaps
I'm confused?  The trailer goes only as PART of a AMSAT booth...  We
get a great place to park and are begged to come....  We have AO-10 class
antennas yet only run a Yaesu 847 without AMPS.... Battery/Emergency
power and even use transverters to power the Rotator/Laptops...
(Our booth usually does very well... IE.. we dont mail alot of stuff back to

We should get kickbacks from the venders selling ARROW's because
they SELL out when we are there, as we can and do walk around with an HT
and show the LEO's can be worked.

>This kind of behavior on the bird's  isn't in the spirit of ham radio

>'here we go, the same 4 jerks hogging the satellite, no call sign'
is inexcuseable.... the rest you wrote seems to me to be frustration...

> 73 Jeff kb2wqm

"Take a walk in a world of imagination" -- Willie Wonka

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