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Re: First S band copy

<People should remember that the transponder bandwidth is pretty huge,
<and it is (for the moment) mostly unused.  If you need to tune up,
<find your carrier, etc., you can easily move up 75 kHz or so from
<the center of the passband, and you will not be bothering anybody else,
<or stomping on the telemetry.


Better get use to people zero-beating you and NEVER say a word....I never
could figure why someone would go to all the trouble of zero beating someone
and NOT TALK ?? You can be calling CQ and not a peep from them.....  Maybe I
was absent from school that day.....

Also I've noticed someone "swishing" up and down the passband very slowly
with a *very strong carrier*  like, maybe trolling for "Leila" to lower the

Hope to work you on AO-40.

de Mike

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