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AIDC 3033'S for sale at Dayton

>From K5GNA;

I have been in the process of moving my equipment and have not been able to 
take any mail orders or reservations for anything for the last couple of 
weeks.  All inquiries to me have been getting a message to that effect.

I will be at the Dayton Hamvention selling about 100 of my AIDC 3033 
downconverters, accessories, 2 meter IF crystal orders, plus 2' and 3' dishes 
in spaces 3742 and 3743.  We will set up on Thursday morning and leave 
Saturday afternoon.

I will send a notice to the Amsat BB when I return from Dayton and I am ready 
to process mail orders again.  Please do not Email me asking for 
reservations, I will not be able to process any reservations or mail orders, 
or answer any Email questions until I return from Dayton in about a week and 
a half.

TNX & 73,

Bob Seydler
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