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RE: RX setups for AO-40

First Bruce, my Sx numbers were just for clarification....
Second, a 57 when your noise floor is S5 should be an S2.... Or else the
other person believes they have a great signal... They can't see your
reading so have to trust what you say.  I was trying to baseline (I know all
smeters are relative) to something that was more meaningful.

Last time I checked RST was "readability", "signal report", "Tone" and we
don't need that for voice right.  So, I'd suggest that we reference "signal
report" to signal using the NOISE FLOOR with now signal as S0.  I would also
disagree with your comments about "to me".  Signal is "signal report" to a
reference.  In a perfect system.  Noise floor would be 0 so you'd reference
to 0.  I'm suggesting that we artificially use that now and adjust based
upon DownConverter noise floors.  This is the root of the problem that those
that are trying to figure out their systems are struggling with.

Just My .02

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i would have to say that there is no need to tell anyone you are s3, s4, s5
all signal reports should be your are 55, 57, 59 etc. that is the standard
method understood by all hams for their report.

i don't see why telling someone that they are s7 on my meter is any
from telling them that they are s7 minus s3 noise whichs is s2. the ticket
how strong their signal is to me, not how far over the noise they are. or am
missing something? aren't we reporting the other stations readabiltiy.


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