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Re: First S band copy

People should remember that the transponder bandwidth is pretty huge,
and it is (for the moment) mostly unused.  If you need to tune up,
find your carrier, etc., you can easily move up 75 kHz or so from
the center of the passband, and you will not be bothering anybody else,
or stomping on the telemetry.


At 07:01 AM 5/12/01 , Colin Hurst wrote:

>Finally a personal request from an avid telemetry recorder and
>on behalf of other telemetry enthusiasts obtaining data for the
>AO40 archive. Please remain clear of the respective beacons.
>Every time someone swishes a carrier across the beacon is a 
>potential failed CRC's telemetry block. Every telemetry block
>IS IMPORTANT for the future life and well being of AO-40.

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