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comments made on AO-27

I was monitoring the 14 :10z pass of AO-27 this AM on the east coast of
the US. I heard the usual traffic, and said hi to a few friends. Than a
comment was made and I quote 'here we go, the same 4 jerks hogging the
satellite, no call sign' . Now if this was directed to me(I don't think
so) , I've only been on AO-27 twice in the last week. I'm sorry to have
ruined your day. But what disturbs me is that the weekend passes are
monitored by a diverse group. I run into non-hams that say that they have
the satellite frequencies programmed in their scanners, Ham's doing
demo's at hamfests, etc. This kind of behavior on the bird's  isn't in
the spirit of ham radio, by far. I suggest  voicing your complaint's
here, in front of the proper audience, peer pressure does work. But
please, refrain from making such comment's on the bird's.  While I'm
here, I might as well state my opinion on contact's with ISS, if the
person on ISS want's to talk to someone for whatever reason , that's the
way it is. I hope the behavior I heard on AO-27 today hasn't started on
the ISS uplink. No, I don't have an ISS voice contact yet. I will get it
the hard way, without whining, or asking for special consideration.

73 Jeff kb2wqm

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