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AO40 audio and telemetry

I don't know if it is a useful service or not, but I'll run again the
telemetry and audio from my station to the web starting tonight at AOS
Atlanta time.

This last pass, I had over 3000 good CRC packets which was something like
78%.  This is a little bit of a misleading number as ao40rcv doesn't count
the E and most of the command packets and there were a bunch of those as the
command team turned on leila etc.

So, the plan for tonight is to start audio feed about AOS (about 3:00z
5/13/01 or 13/5/01 for you ROW guys :) ).  I may chase some signals with
audio at first so if you'd like to hear your downlink  I can probably make
that happen.

Here are all the numbers....Please coordinate with me on the IRC channel
#amsat on chatnet.org

Telem will be via the goddard server, ip address port 1024
audio will be via http://audio.highrf.com:8080 and please enter that in your
mp3 player not your browser.  (any mp3 player should work)

You'll need p3t to get the feed from the goddard server.  I don't have the
link for that handy.

If you'd like to hear your downlink.... please do the math and tell me the
downlink frequency you'll expect.  I don't have TX ability yet so I haven't
figured all of this out.  I'm happy to camp of a freq until we find you.

My downlink seems to be about +2khz to reference so with that and the actual
freq, you can come pretty close to calibration on your uplink to downlink
for yourself.

On my tests today, I ran 5W across 150' of 9913 to a 14.15dbc M2 RHCP
antenna on 435 and was heard.  Your mileage may vary and squint will effect
this as will distance.

I have some general observations to make about RX setups, but, I'll make
that under separate cover.

See ya on IRC.

ps. please let me know if this is of any value... I won't waste the
bandwidth if it's not.

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