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Fw: Historical Day for AO-40 !!!

Subject: Historical Day for AO-40 !!!

 Hi All,
     This was an exciting day and it is believed history was made for A0-40
 in sending
 the 1st SSTV  pictures thru  this satellite!
    Don Miller, W9NTP and Farrell Winder, W8ZCF of the MAREX-NA group
 succeeded in getting  several good pictures through AO-40.  W8ZCF
 transmitted on  70 cm and W9NTP received on 13 cm. Tests started about
 UTC on Saturday May 12, 2001 when the satellite was out about 48, 000 km
 continued until the satellite was  at a range of 40,000 km. Signals were
 strong and Don reported S readings of only 2 to 3. SSTV was sent only one
 as W8ZCF did not have receive capability in place.
     The experiment was 2 fold.  W9NTP and W8ZCF, along with others of the
 Marex group have been developing and testing the NEW SSTV System for the
 International Space Station.  It is called SpaceCam1. All pictures during
 this phase of the test were sent via SpaceCam1 using R36 and S1 modes.
     W9NTP and W8ZCF were believed to have received the last 2 pictures from
 AO-13 the day before its re-entry into the earth's atmosphere as reported
 in an article in CQ VHF February 1997.  It was planned at that time that a
 try would be made  for the 1st pictures via P3D ( now A0-40) and it is
 believed that success and history were made today!
     Also an unusual  record may have been set in that 2 meter terrestrial
 contact (about 80 miles) was later maintained in experiments between  W9NTP
 & W8ZCF while
 W8ZCF transmitted voice  on 70 cm via  A0-40  to W9NTP listening on 13 cm..

  For details of SpaceCam1 see:


     It is planned to within the next 24 hours to have some of the received
 pictures via AO-40 on this web site.
     It is hoped that others will follow with SSTV via A0-40. This satellite
 is performing in excellent fashion, under the circumstances,  thanks to the
perserverance of the many who built, tested and  have  recently worked so
 hard in getting optium performance  of AO-40.

     Submitted by Farrell Winder, W8ZCF, Cincinnati, Ohio..

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