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AO-40 Reception

Good Morning,
Finally got the proper antenna up yesterday and had the Drake and Trans
System operating side by side this morning.  To my surprise the 3733 was
noticeably better.  I was able to have QSO's with the 3733 that I could
just barely detect with the Drake.  I used a 21 turn helix with both
converters and both antennas used the W0OQC feed.  The Drake antenna was
built with small fiberglass supports for the boom but the 3733 used one
inch PVC for the boom.  I could not detect any difference between these
two antennas when I tested them on the ground.  The Drake has all the
G0MRF mods and the 3733 has the filter stub cut out.

Of course there could be other explainnations for the difference so I
will have to run some more tests to confirm this result.

73 de Jess - W4MVB
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