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WiSP and 2.4gHz

>rdwelch@swbell.net wrote:
> Has anyone out there tried using WiSP with a 2.4gHz down converter, setup
> in WiSP as a transverter and done successful doppler correction on the
> 2.4ghz beacon signal?  I know I will get this question and just want to
> research it a bit.

I've had Wisp working fine with doppler tuning on the beacon when the V Tx
was on and now with the S Tx.

In wisp (and using WISP-DDE) under setup there is the menu item "Station
Setup".  Select the "Transverter" tab, select "New" and give your converter
a name (Mine's "S Band"), tick the "RX LO" box, stick in the freq for the LO
in MHz as close as you can get it, and enter the info in the "Start" &
"Finish" fields (2400 & 2450).  That should be all you need for the
converter info.  Again back to "Setup" followed by "Satellite Setup", select
AO-40 (or the sat you want), select "Edit" and then "Frequencies".  Here I
have entered 2 freqs on S-band one for the beacon and the other to match a
freq I use at the time that I am playing sats.

I've found that it does need some fine tuning over the course of a long pass
for the beacon, but several hours of TLM can be tracked ok.  Also at
start-up I may need to change the freq by a 1or 2 KHz just to get it spot
on, but this is due to my pc time, keps and so forth.  For the LEOs it
tracks fine.  On the downside it is not automatic, so that when you want to
change freqs you must go back into the setup again, then select "Display on
Map and Enable Rotators" again to restart it with the new info.  Also it is
not set up for tracking of radios if you want to wonder up and down a
satellite passband, like Itrack can do, those freqs you put in the setup and
the uplink/downlink you select are what your stuck with until you change
them in the setup and re-enable the tracking.  You can only control 2 radios
at a time (I got Icoms so only 1 com port used).  So if you have an uplink
radio, a downlink radio and another for the beacon your stuck (even thou
your low freq radio should be fixed) and you can't tell wisp-dde to have 2
downlinks.  I should note that this is with wisp-dde only, and wisp does
work with other tracking/tuning systems, and maybe there are other dde
setups around.

Mineo JE9PEL has made a good website with lots of info on Wisp in English &
Nihon-go desu (Japanese), with setup info for the digital birds and is well
worth a look, and it is at:

I hope this helps and it wasn't to basic.

--VK2DAG-- QF56pn
Matt Hetherington
(remove xx to email me)

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