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QSB or not to QSB..

I finally set up the mode-S receive equipment on the back porch and listened 
to AO-40 tonight.  Its was a good thing, as I got to hear
Bdale KB0G's first AO-40 QSO, or so he said!  (Also found out that my Drake 
works.. I am using it with an old DEM preamp and 122 MHz IF.. works better 
than the old DEM converter!)

Anyway I notice that right now (MA 155 or so) that the S2 (~2401.323 MHz) 
beacon and transponder have a lot of QSB on it..  But there is a 9600 FSK 
Rudak beacon (~2400.783 MHz) and apparently the S1 beacon (~2400.363 MHz) is 
on, and I don't hear *any* QSB on those signals.

Is the placement of the different antennas on the satellite with
the squint causing the S2 antenna to QSB but not the S1?

I gotta admit I didn't expect this difference!

BTW  I'm close to having (both U and L) uplink antennas done.  I hope to 
pick up the necessary pieces to actually mount the antennas on a motorizied 
permanent mount so I don't have to go on the back porch and freeze again.  
I'd call my current lash up one step up from the Duct Tape special.

Fred W0FMS
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