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AO40 over the US tonight

It's friday night and I can't talk :(.... I've yet to get my L band up and
active (waiting on second TS2000X).

But I can listen... and usually, I can listen really good!!!

So, as a service to you all.  I'll be on auto control all night with the
beacon on 2401.323.  I'm pushing telem to the goddard server and I have my
audio stream up if you'd like to take a listen.

I'll warn you, once in awhile my auto setup does go out in the weeds... It
has to do with ao40rcv having a doppler offset that it is trying to tune at
the same time a fade happens, and if the fade is long enough, ao40rcv can't
recover... We'll hope this doesn't happen.

Anyway, the address for the audio stream is http://audio.highrf.com:8080
with your player (windows media, winamp, freeamp, xmms, real, etc).  Do an
open/location and make sure you include the port.  I do run on a Dynamic
address, so if you have troubles wait 15 mins and try again, my script
should catch my ip address change and update my dns and all should work
shortly thereafter.

Have fun and tell me if this is service of value?  Also, you'll need p3t to
watch the telemetry and there are a couple of little catches with it's
setup, so read the archive to figure that out.

Have fun, I'll be listening... I may run a little contact audio if I feel
like staying up and listening... Most of my coordination occurs on the IRC
channel.  Again, this has been discussed numerous times on the BB as well,
so check the archives... it's on chatnet.org and the channel name is #amsat.

See ya all there!!!

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