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Re: Tnx Info S-Band Downconverter + a question

Fred, GREAT INFO...I have a few comments interspersed in your text below:

hasan schiers, NØAN

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Tnx Info S-Band Downconverter + a question

> On the FT-847 power up-- turn on the menu item that says "VHF Preamp:  ON"
> and then press the preamp button on the front panel to on/off.

YEP...that's exactly what I was looking for.

> As far as the short circuit protection-- according to the FT-847 manual,
> there isn't any.  It states quite clearly that you can damage
> your rig by doing this.

> The good thing about the preamp power is that you could put a relay
> and a dummy load into a box, and if the "preamp" power is taken off
> by transmitting or turning it off at the front panel), your converter is
> switched out of line, and the dummy load is switched in

Actually, forget the dummy load.....use the relay to be able to bypass the
converter, feed a totally different feedline and antenna and then  operate
2m CW/SSB or FM?

> -- pickup a transfer relay at a hamfest, and your set, or use the
> Ramsey electronics "RF sensed" relay kit to do the same thing (but the
> RF sensing isn't used, just the Omron RF PC-board relays) in this
> configuration.  I've done this... it works...

Please send me the particulars on how you are doing this...cuz you have to
get the 12 volts off the coax line and on to the relays, don't you?

Could you send me the info on the Ramsey relay kit? I like that idea a lot.
I have an N type relay around somewhere, as well. I'll have to do some
digging, but I just know I have a 12v N relay laying around or in the garage
(that could take some hunting).

THANKS a TON for your suggestions. 73

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