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Success (almost) on AO-40

Honestly, I didn't change anything from my prior failed attempts to
hear AO-40.  But this morning There It Was!

Not real strong, S0 at best, but strong enough to get a few garbled
telemetry packets.  MA 146, elevation about 40 degrees here in CM98.
This was about 1400Z (7am local).

So, I tune up the band a little, and there is N4EWP working a station.
I could hear him clearly, although just above the noise.  The other
station was a little too weak to copy.  Somehow I managed to find
my self in CW.  The downlink at my end indicated 2401.351, with an
uplink at 435.639.  That was about 35 mhz lower than I expected.
When they were done, I switched to LSB and tried calling him.  Hardly
heard my self on the downlink, but hoped that his setup was better than
mine.  Unfortunately, we never made contact.

I'm still feeling that my system needs some work - maybe now it's a
loose connection somewhere.  I'm sure that the bird wasn't there a
few days ago.

For those of you still trying to hear AO-40, keep at it...

Greg  KO6TH
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