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Don't want to toast my Drake

First of all, thanks for all the responses I've received to my silly questions recently.  Our Field Day plans are coming together (gonna shoot for 
FO-20, FO-29, and of course AO-40), and last night after putting the youngster to bed I did the basic mods to my Drake (removed the two coils, 
two caps, and replaced the crystal).  Still need to tune it up - I think I'll try the 6th harmonic trick.

Next silly question.  A while ago there was a thread about things that folks do in order to prevent an accidental transmission into a 
downconverter.  Aside from separating the transmit and receive antenna connections (requiring an external T/R relay for "normal" use, I 
assume) or using two different radios, were there any other clever schemes for protecting downconverters from their mistake-prone operators?

Has anyone tried installing a "transmit inhibit" switch that would affect only one band's PTT line on the FT-736R?

I've considered making an external relay box (the "Oh [insert exclamation here]!" box) that would "switch out" the rig's antenna coax to a 
dummy load, powered by the FT-736R's external amp switching plug, but suspect that it would react far too slowly to protect the 

I'm very nervous about toasting my Drake by accidentally hitting the PTT on my FT-736R when it would transmit on 2m.  I don't have a spare!

David, ky0dr

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