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success :)

Well , ok , so it was a simple success , but -finally- I was able to
hear the AO-40 S2MB  at 17:45z with my 60cm dish and a IF modified drake
without any preamp :)

It was in the mud but would pop out once in a while up to s1 and at
least let me know that my system is working , now I think I will brave
puting it up on the roof and that may get rid of some of my obstructions
off to the south and hey I might just get my uhf helix up too and make a
contact ....

Now to test the transsystems on the same dish to see how it compares
without any mods ( should I remove the notch stub? ) and see if it will
do better .

The dish I am using is an andrew solid 60cm MMDS with an oem feed which
I would assume is linear polirization , so if I replace that with a 3.5
turn helix should that improve things as well ?

thanks guys for all the great input , I learn more off this -bb than I
do off most other internet sources !

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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