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Tnx Info S-Band Downconverter + a question

Thanks to the many people that provided me information on downconverters. As
a result of very strong support for the SSB Electronics unit, I have decided
to go with it. (I had no fewer than five people rave about using it

My UEK3000-144 is ordered and I should have it picked up at Dayton.

My question:

Does the Yeasu FT-847 have a menu item to select sending +12 vdc up the
If so, does it have some sort of short-circuit or current limiting
protection, so I won't fry the 847 if something goes "wrong"?

If the 847 has this capability, I won't even need a bias T, or have to run a
separate power line to the downconverter at the antenna.

Thanks again, for all the help. 73

hasan schiers, N0AN

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