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AO-40 this Friday morning

I just finished operating AO-40. The pass was most excellent. I started
copying telemetry at 62000 KM using a 2 foot dish. I missed the first packet
while tuning, after that I was able to copy over 210 good CRC packets in a
row. That says a lot about the quality of the downlink signal.
There seemed to be a lot of testing going on before the transponder was
fired up. Sometimes I would receive a good CRC and all of the status numbers
would go to 0. I am using Ao40rcv. I noticed that the MA readout was running
0.1 MA behind Instatrack.
The signals on the transponder were really good. Some of the station worked

1. WD4FAB 56
2. JA0BBW 56
3. JH1GYE 56
4. VE3VC 56
5. VK2DAG 57+
6. JH1NPQ 55

Here is an MP3 file of the JH1NPQ QSO. This was not the loudest QSO. It took
me a while to realize that I should be running the recorder. There were MANY
interfering beeps throughout the pass. Some even seemend to be intentional.
I have some feedback on my signal toward the end because my ears were
hurting and I removed the headphones.

Best 73's
N4IP, Pieter


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