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Brilliant idea?

Yesterday, I took my spare Drake 2880 unit and mounted it to one of the
struts on my 10 foot C/Ku dish near the current feed. I made a dipole
antenna out of a piece of small diameter coax and positioned that about 3
inches away from the center of the feed and about 1-2 inches from the metal

I got down to the shack early (hey! it's vacation week for me so I don't get
up so early..... 8-0 ) but I am unable to hear anything. It is MA 97 / 1033
and I can't hear the beacon on either downconverter setup. Info I have is
that the beacon is on except for MA 4-20. I am unable to hear any QSOs
either but, I believe, I shouldn't hear anything before MA 136 anyway.

Did I miss something or is AO-40 in the middle of a "test" at this time?

John Wilcox  NS1Z
871 Route 120
Rumford, ME  04276-3836
PH: 207-364-2246
FX: 207-364-2505

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