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Need alittle help JAS1 and 2..

 I purchased a FT817 with the intention of getting into HF QRP operations
while I camp out at the lakes north of my city. The VHF and UHF bands on
this radio are just a bonus for me as I never really intended on using them
much. This was until I heard SO35 and JAS2 one day. (I just made my first
sat contact through Oscar-14 yesterday with K6YA.) I know that this radio
can not operate full duplex which makes SSB contacts through JAS1/2 and
others hard but not impossible. I have seen on this list or the FT817 list
that there are a few guys doing it. Now I just need alittle info to start me

 As I never used a SSB satellite before.. Im having trouble find answers to
some questions. When TX'ing say at 145.950MHz on JAS1.. what will be my
downlink frequency? From what I can find Im suppose to pick a clear
frequency and leave it there and tune the other guys signal as it shifts
with doppler. Will my Downlink be at 435.950MHz? I guess a better frequency
for this example should be.. a TX at 145.962.. will the RX be 435.938? I
know doppler will change this but right know Im trying to learn how the
radios change the RX freq to the TX freq.

 There was one guy who did a few contacts through AO-10.. How does its
transponder change frequencies? How about any of the others?

 Thanks for your time guys.. Tim. VE5TNC.

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