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Re: Arrow antenna orientation?

>From: Douglas Braun NA1DB <doug@dougbraun.com>
>I just got an Arrow 2m/70cm antenna (and I am very happy with it).
>Can anyone with experience tell me the best orientation for it
>when mounted on a rotor system?  Obviously it depends on
>which satellite, the satellites position, etc., but I
>was wondering which orientation, if any, works better on
>the average.  So far on one UO14 pass it seemed to
>receive better with the 70cm elements vertical, but
>that's only one data point.
>The nice thing about hand-held use is that you can easily
>rotate it to optimize the signal...

That's tough one since even my limited experience using the Arrow, it seems
that horz. pol. works best near the horizon while vert. pol. is better at
high elevation angles.  Maybe mount it at 45 degrees slant?


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