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Re: 2400 Mhz signal source

n8anr@juno.com wrote:
> Hi John,
> I took a look at your 2.4ghz signal source schematic and i have  a couple
> of questions.
> 1, how far from the earth end of L2 is the tap for the 10 pf capacitor?
> 2, can I  assume that L3 is parallel to L2, any particular spacing?
> 3, any critical components?
> I was making a weak signal source myself using the same frequency ttl
> block with a hp5082 diode and resistor on the output.  I like your
> amplifier and I will try and duplicate it.  I am about to smoke test my
> drake and need this signal source for tune-up.  Thanks in advance for
> your circuit.

So has no-one tried what I did for a simple operational test signal
source ?

I didn't think it would work , but all I did was program my vx5r for
400.225 MHz and listen for it on 2401.350 ( 400.225 X 6 )  and lo and
behold there it was , of course I had to listen in FM mode as that is
what the vx5r does , but it made a nice quick operational check that my
drake was at least converting on frequency ( or close enough) , now
sensitivity was another issue , but am I missing something here as far
as doing this ?

It seems to me that other amateur handhelds may have similar harmonic
output to be useful ....

Of course the handheld output was connected to a dummy load :)

what say ?

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
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