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2400 Mhz signal source

I have seen a few requests for a signal source for setting up antennas etc.

See the following link for a very easy, very cheap signal source. I claim 
no originality in the idea, it is a bunch of various bits just hashed 
together. It is based on an 50Mz TTL oscillator block taken from an old 486 
motherboard. If you omit the transistor, and just use an 1N914 onto the 
tuned line, it still works, but at much lower level. If connected to a 
dipole antenna, it is S9 at 100metres with a 20 Turn helix.
Surprisingly, even at 50Mhz X 48, it is only 10Khz high at 2400! I think I 
must have a good oscillator block! The drift is minimal.



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