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Re: AO-40 Test 05/08 (long)

So if using a "tee" just run an old multiple of 1/4 wavelengths [times the
coax velocity factor] of 75 ohm coax of equal length from each port.  Of
course the TV-splitter is 75 ohm so you'll have a mismatch that way, too,
though smaller.  I just ordered a Kuhne MKU-232A [35 dB gain] and will feed
two Drakes from it using the "tee" and 75 ohm Z-xfmr lines, thus having
either 123 or 433.9 MHz IF's available.  Hope to be on by the weekend.

oops!  Just read down page and you said that already ;-)

>From: "John Stephensen, KD6OZH" <kd6ozh@gte.net>
>It does depend on the output device but a 25-ohm load will require more
>current to acheive the same output voltage and any bandpass filters on the
>receiver inputs will not see 50-ohms so the responses will be altered.

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