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Re: Type N connectors question for the experts.


You have illustrated a very important charactereistic of 9913...it likes
water ;-) ...slurps it whenever available!
This is why I suggest using Times LMR-400...available from HRO, AES, Texas
Tower, RF-Parts, etc.

I may have the "world record" for longest use of 9913.  It was put into
service for AO-10 in 1986 and apparently "slurped" this winter.  It is
currently used with my ARX-270 "repeater" antenna.  Four years really quite
good for this stuff!


>From: jeff w griffin <kb2wqm@juno.com>
>This was discussed several years ago. I had  suggested using the solder
>type N connectors as apposed to the non-solder type. The reason at that
>time as well as now was the fact that the solder type makes for a
>stronger longer lasting connection in an environment where there is a lot
>of movement. Like an az-el satellite antenna system. I just had to swap
>out the 9913f  from by mast mount pre-amp to beam, it lasted almost four
>73 Jeff kb2wqm

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