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S-Band Equipment to be Available at the AMSAT Booth

On April 29 an overview of  AMSAT activities at the Dayton Hamvention was
released.  In that e-mail, it was noted that AMSAT will offer S-band receive
converters and ‘barbecue grill' antenna at the AMSAT booth this year.  Here
are the details:

*2.4 GHz Downconverter*
To assist AMSAT with raising funds, SSB Electronics USA has graciously
agreed to contribute a portion of the unit price to AMSAT for each UEK-3000S
Mast-mounted downconverter that is sold at the AMSAT booth.  AMSAT will
offer these downconverters at the suggested donation level of $450.00.
Units obtained from AMSAT will have the same warranty as units purchased
from another vendor.  There is no limit to the number of units that we can
offer at Dayton.  Should AMSAT run out of stock, we will take orders that
SSB will fulfill following Hamvention.  We will have a display unit
available for examination.  Specifications for the UEK-3000S can be found at
the SSB website (www.ssbusa.com) and this information will be available at
the AMSAT booth.

*2.4 GHz Antenna*
AMSAT will have available 19 Phillips-Tech SPG-24 'barbecue grill' antennas
at the Hamvention booth.  These units have been very popular with AO-40
users.  A specification sheet will be available at the AMSAT booth.  AMSAT
will offer these antennas at the suggested donation level of $70.00.

*Why purchase a downconverter and/or antenna from AMSAT at Hamvention?*
-This is a fundraising effort for AMSAT.
-AMSAT has made these arrangements in part as a membership service in order
to encourage use of AO-40.  If successful, it may encourage future
membership service opportunities.
-Shopping convenience—Pickup the latest AMSAT goodies (Updated publications,
latest ‘satellite fashions’, and software) and fulfill your Mode-S
requirements at the same time/location.  AMSAT’s booth location (445-448
near the Ballarena entrance) makes it easy to find this equipment.
-Ease of Use: The UEK-3000S in combination with the SPG-24 will provide an
outstanding combination for S-Band operations.  These are proven units that
require minimal assembly/installation.  Note that antennas and
downconverters are offered separately.

*Some Caveats*
-This equipment will only be offered at Hamvention.
-Due to the difficulty in logistics, AMSAT will not accept advance
orders—First come/first serve only.  It would be helpful, however, to let
Martha know if you are serious about obtaining a UEK-3000 so that we can
coordinate supply with SSB Electronics USA.  Her e-mail address is
-In the event that AMSAT runs out of SPG-24 antennas, we will not accept
backorders.  All sales are final.  Equipment is FOB Hamvention.  Should the
donor want to ship their antenna home, the donor is responsible for
packaging/shipping their antenna from Dayton (Mailboxes, Etc. will be in
Hara Arena and can handle your shipping requirements).
-In the event that AMSAT cannot provide the UEK-3000S downconverter and the
order is placed on backorder, SSB will arrange for shipping to a US address
specified by the donor at no cost to the donor.  Foreign backorder shipping
costs are the responsibility of the donor and will be shipped at cost less
$7.50 shipping credit.

AMSAT will also have Arrow Antennas (2 meter/70cm yagi) that are very
popular for working the FM satellites.  These handheld antennas (which can
also be mounted on a camera tripod) include a diplexer inside the handle
which is capable of handling 10-watts.

If you are attending Hamvention this year, by all means please stop by the
AMSAT booth to see what is being offered.

Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Field Operations

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