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AO-40 S1 beacon frequency(ies)

Can anyone confirm the frequency of the S1 beacon(s), by observation?  My 
table shows S1 GB at 2400.200 and S1 MB at 2400.350.

Telemetry from orbit 240 (Thanks, Paul!) shows that around MA 136 (block 
663 in the telemetry set I have at the moment) that the S1 downlink was 
turned on, perhaps carrying the RUDAK telemetry and MB telemetry.

What is the RUDAK telemetry format?  9600 baud FSK (FM mode)?  Or what?

It also suggests that the GB was also turned on about MA 212 (block 1595), 
also on the S1 downlink.

(Well, I admit I'm still trying to decipher the matrix.  What a NICE 
problem to be dealing with ;-)  At one point I did tune around 2400.350, 
but I didn't hear anything.

Way to go Command Team!  I had a ball this morning working the transponder.

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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