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Re: SETI@HOME Status


>The setiathome site seems to have a problem with their totals.  It
>shows the AMSAT total at 50018, while the sum of the individual results
>is over 100,000. AMSAT doesn't show up at all on the "top 100 clubs"
>listing.  We now have 94 contributors!

I believe that when an individual joins a "group", their previously-credited units do not count towards the total of the new group.  Or maybe it's 
that when you move from one group to another, your "old" units stay with the old group, and any "new" units you get go with the new group.

For example, I've got 500-some-odd units to my credit (under the Amateur Radio Operators group).  If I were to jump to the Amsat group, Amsat 
would not get credit for my 500-some-odd units, only the new ones calculated after I join.

I hadn't checked my stats in a while - I just now noticed that my last unit was sent in back in March... must be something wrong with the 
machine that I have crunching the numbers.  Hmm.....

David, ky0dr

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