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2.4 gig (Turnkey) Downconverter Availability?

Since I have discontinued my wireless internet connection, I now have a
beautiful and rugged 2.4 gig antenna spec'd at 26 dBi to use for AO-40. Its
reflector is 39" wide, parabolic section, is the best way I could describe
it. I can set it up for either vertical or horizontal polarization.

The question:

Now is the time to buy a good downconverter, I'm assuming to 2m, given I'll
be running mode U/S. I don't have any means to do any modifying of equipment
(everything is torn up and/or in storage due to the work on our addition).
So...I want a turnkey converter. I'm not overly concerned about cost, but
don't want to just throw money away. (Turnkey means plug and play, for those
not familiar with the term)

I want to mount it out at the antenna, of course, and would hope that the
front end of the converter has a good low noise figure, so I won't need a

Recommendations and links (if on internet) please? Approximate cost, if you

I'm fine for 70cm equipment and antennas with a Yaesu FT-847 and 2x22 el
K1FO yagis. In fact, I'll probably use only one. The antenna has a clean 15
dBd gain and I have a 100w brick. This taken altogether is WAY too much
uplink ERP, so I am aware I may not need the amp at all, depending on tx
feedline losses.

Thanks for any info you can give me on "ready to go" 2.4 gig to 2m
downconverters that will not require any gasfet preamp up front.


hasan schiers, N0AN

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