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Re: SETI@HOME Status

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 05:51:42PM -0400, Tom Clark wrote:
> Absolutely Incredible. Since my posting last nite, we are now up to 84
> contributors. Since last Thursday, we have jumped to something like 120th
> position in the Clubs listing with over 80,000 work units (or we will, just
> as soon as SERT@HOME posts their next updates). We are rapidly closing in on
> Paul's SETI League team currently at rank ~100 with ~94,000 units and 2.5
> times as many members.

The setiathome site seems to have a problem with their totals.  It
shows the AMSAT total at 50018, while the sum of the individual results
is over 100,000. AMSAT doesn't show up at all on the "top 100 clubs"
listing.  We now have 94 contributors!

Bob Nielsen, N7XY
Bainbridge Island, WA
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