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Re: L Band Uplink Experience - AO40

Currently, I can uplink on mode U with a homebrew 9 turn helix and 35 watts 
(out of the rig) and on mode L with a 20 turn Wimo helix and 10 watts (out 
of the rig).  My feedline is about 70' of 9913FX(flexi), so I'm guessing I 
have about 5 watts or less actually reaching the antenna.  Not bad!  The 
rig is a Kenwood TS-790A with the 1.2 GHz module (10 watts out).

I could hear myself pretty well on mode U, and out of curiosity, I tried 
mode L uplink for the first time ever.  Surprise!  I could hear a CW 
carrier.  It was tough hearing myself on SSB, but I did hear myself well 
enough that I hoped somebody with a hot receiver could answer my calls.  I 
got a few people's attention, but nobody replied.  L mode CW would have 
been quite doable, but SSB was marginal indeed.

I did successfully work DF4PV as my first AO-40 QSO this AM on 
U/S!  Thanks!!! :-)

BTW I heard you this pass Larry, but couldn't get a reply :)


Mark N8MH

At 03:45 AM 5/9/2001, Lawrence Williams wrote:
>AO40 was really booming in here this morning in JO40 !!. Distance was appx
>59,000 KM.
>I uplinked on 70cm with appx 25W and 2x20 elements M2 and heard my signal
>quite well.
>My downconverter is a David Bowman Model from the UK (NF appx 1.5db).
>I uplinked with 23cm with 40W and a 16turn helix and was not able to hear a
>peep. I tried cw
>as well but no luck.
>For those of u who have had success in L band uplink (particular in SSB)
>could u share with the group your ant & power setups ?
>Many thanks & 73s de lawrence (DL1FLW ex DA1LA ex 9H3WR)
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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