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Re: Phase Center on Old Primestar offset fed dish

Joe Leikhim wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to find phase center on old Primestar offset fed
> dish. I have removed the old LNA and plan to install an S band feed in
> it's place. Any suggestions? Also any suggestions for mounting a WA3RMX
> tri- band  PCB feed (Downeast Microwave) would be appreciated. I had
> intended on slitting a piece of PVC to hold the PCB in the LNA saddle
> but it looks like the saddle might be a little tight.

I'm using a PrimeStar dish that I mounted a TranSystem DC into.  What I did
was to remove the original DC and made a metal strap that uses the same
mounting screws to hold the TranSystem DC.  I just took off the reflector
part of the TranSystem since the desired radiation pattern is now off the
end (where the reflector would be).  I fully know that this is not all that
efficient, but it is working.  Within the next few days I will be building
a helix and mount that.  I will be "antenna range" testing the feed and
antenna to find the optimum location of the helix and how long of a helix
to use.  Yes, I will post the results here.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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