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Suitability of FT817 for satellites

Jens, ZL2TJT:

I just returned from vacationing in the eastern USA where I used my FT-817
with an Arrow on UO-14 at 5w FM.  I have programmed the radio for five
split-freq. channels for tracking doppler and it is working fine even
though unable to hear my own signal in the downlink [the radio doesnot
operate duplex].  For this type of sat operation I can recommend it well.
I even heard UO-14 just using a 1/4 wavelength mobile whip and worked
VE3FZI from Michigan.  WA1ECF and WA7EF? were worked using the Arrow.  Only
problem was QRM. 

For operation on linear translator birds such as AO-40, RS-12, or FO-29,
the lack of duplex will be problem-some without software doppler tuning
control.  With sw to control uplink freq. I think the radio would be fine
for these sats, too.  Recent discussion has covered this.  

You would need more than 5w for AO-40 on mode U/S, and for FO-29.  Probably
need a small yagi for RS-12 at 5w.  I haven't tried mode-A, yet, b  ut
think maybe the Arrow would suffice for the uplink and a 10m dipole for

Sunday I made my first 10 GHz 10mw ssb contact over a 12 mile path using
the FT-817 on 144 MHz IF.  IWorked both WW8M and NE8I on 3 cm in Michigan.
Its becoming very fun to use ;-)

>Hi all,
>I wonder if any of you have tried the Yaesu FT817
>or Icom IC910H (+UX910) for satellite use.
>Are they useful or even good ?
>(My old UHF rig is getting more unreliable than the weather.)
>73 Jens    ZL2TJT

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