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RE: AO-40 this morning?

Hi Steve,

First let me say, your Drake article in QST with the xtal and
IF mods inspired me to obtain one of the Drake 2880's.  I made
the xtal and IF mod, plus I installed the two 22pF caps.  Also
bought one of the Meyer's dishes and am using that.

I barely could hear the beacon here in Charlotte, NC at 3am. EDT..
was a long way out.  Didn't get up as early as I planned and
could barely hear it at 11am EDT...very weak again.

On a couple of good passes last week I was copying 100 percent
good CRC's.

Not sure if it was the changes I made the day before..had so much
gain into the receiver, that I replaced the 9913 with 100 ft of RG-6 to 
bring the
gain down...RG-6 supposed to be 3.5 dB loss per 100 ft.  I plan on
adding a low noise preamp if I can find one at the right price.

Anyone want to comment on adding the RG-6?

Guess I'll have to wait another day or so for a better pass.

73 de Bill, N4DH

At 09:15 5/8/01 -0400, Ford, Steve,  WB8IMY wrote:
>Strange indeed. From the responses to my query it looks like some heard the
>beacons while others didn't. About a 50-50 split.
>73 . . . Steve, WB8IMY
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>Did anyone copy AO-40 this morning (approx 1000-1100Z)? I was listening for
>the S1 and S2 beacons, but heard nothing.
>73 . . . Steve, WB8IMY<
>Nor I at 1100-1200. With 3 different setups that all appeared to be
>working. Strange.
>Ed K9EK
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